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Decor Walther bathroom series Stone
The Stone bathroom accessories by Decor Walther are made up of two-thirds natural materials and a small percentage of very resistant resins and polymers. This composition gives STONE a unique warm, natural stone-like texture with outstanding properties. This is extremely resistant to all kinds of chemical and physical influences. Its completely impermeable surface predestines STONE for rooms with the highest demands on
Cleanliness and hygiene.

– Water-repellent: STONE is joint- and poreless, which prevents the absorption of liquids and makes cleaning and care easier
– 100% durable and impact resistant
– 100% hygienic, dirt-repellent due to its non-porous surface
– Resistant to chemicals
– Homogeneous and non-porous
– Pleasant haptics
– Easy to clean
– Heat + flame resistant (for short time over 200°C)
– Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and 100% made in Europe

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CHF 389 - CHF 399
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CHF 389 - CHF 419
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CHF 129 - CHF 169
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