Italian flair with Missoni Home

Whether you’re looking for minimalist or eclectic interiors, discover selected Missoni home pieces from cushions, blankets and plaids to towels, bath towels, rugs and furniture that will give any home a stylish interior upgrade.

Under the guiding hashtag #RemixReuseRespect, Missoni’s mission is to act respectfully, responsibly as well as meaningfully. The goal: to become as sustainable and ethical as possible.

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Choose natural fabrics.

The new luxury defines itself with sustainability and the love of nature

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Care by me - Marke mit Tiefgang

Everything you need for an elegant bathroom

With pretty dispensers, tins, bowls, mirrors and trays not only order moves in, but also style. And one thing is clear: an elegant, well-kept bathroom makes for a greater sense of well-being. Think of the beautiful bathrooms of luxury hotels.

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This is how tidiness is fun

Did you know that order and harmony belong together? Because if every thing has its place, then not only the apartment becomes tidier and more beautiful, but also the life in it more relaxed.

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Discover Nordic design from Care by me

CARE BY ME creates luxury products for women and men that focus on design, quality and sustainable working conditions.

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Why silver cutlery is currently experiencing a revival

Do you automatically think of a pure white tablecloth in silver cutlery? What if we think away the tablecloth and place the precious silver directly on the beautiful wooden table or on a tabletop made of linen – a material that radiates pure naturalness? Silver cutlery has better properties than we think.

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Useful care tips

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