tala London

Tala London

Tala is an award-winning brand for sustainable lighting, based on the premise that good design can help mitigate climate change. Tala is a young British brand. The company was founded by four friends of the University of Edinburgh with a shared passion for design, technology and sustainability. When installing solar panels on a hotel project in Porto, they proposed LED lighting to further increase the environmental friendliness of the project. The architect complained about the clunky design and this is how the idea of Tala came about. The world’s first beautiful, sustainable light bulb.

Since the company was founded, the Ten Trees program has been launched to plant 10 trees per 200 products sold. Although the products are basically sustainable, the company wants to ensure that it is climate neutral. Until today 9000 trees have been planted and Tala is well on the way to reaching the goal of 35000 trees soon. Tala believes in responsible entrepreneurship, which is why Ten Trees is at the centre of its activities