Slow Luxury – durable design and quality

Luxury is the history, the craftsmanship, the vision, the excellence of the products.

STYLED HOME OBJECTS stands for durable design and cultivated living.

Do you value high-quality design and sustainability at the same time? STYLED HOME OBJECTS stands for both. Be inspired by our finely curated design accessories and furniture. They beautify and enrich your home, office, business, restaurant or holiday home.

Selected accessories give your home personality

Good design and the topic of sustainability have been with me for a long time. I can’t imagine life without beautiful things. But for me, real beauty is linked to a good origin, an exciting story, love and genuine craftsmanship.

So I select all products with care and dedication. Far away from mass production, I find most of the products for STYLED HOME OBJECTS in manufactories. Many are only available in small series or in limited quantities, which makes them exclusive and unique.

Just like good design and quality, proximity to you, dear customers, and the personal exchange with our manufacturers are close to my heart. I value direct contact and follow up, happy to advise and help you find just the right beautiful things to make your home personal and distinctive.

– Alexandra Kast, founder and owner

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